"The Sonosopher" is the tentative title of a full-length, feature documentary film that is currently in production. This film will document the life and creative works of poet, polyartist, sonosopher, scholar, teacher, mentor...Alex Caldiero. The documentary and this blog are a portion of a greater, ongoing effort to record, document, and archive Alex's life and works.

Friday, May 30, 2008


safe and sound.
we had an amazing trip. very much an understatement.

i'll be posting the rest of the postcards within a day or two, along with a more in-depth retrospective summary and update on the trip.

it went better than we could have ever imagined, and we are feeling very confident in the footage that we got. we are going to start going through footage and editing after a good 7-10 days...a much needed time away from the project for recuperation and perspective.

we ended up with over a thousand photographs, over 30 hours of digital video, and roughly 30-45 minutes of 8MM film footage...covering public performances, interviews (with Alex and his friends/family), spontaneous/sonosophical performatives, 'trans-environmental' performances, geo-poesis, new york/italy/sicily landscapes and cityscapes, etc.!

more on all of this and where we are headed next...later.


michael morrow said...

I just love the intersection where life is art. It's always such an amazzzing mish-mash, consciously recognizing, acknowledging and and assimilating what's right there, no here, or over/under/above; yes, now I've got it---now it's other. Immersed in your trip is mine more present. Glad you're home, or is back here---home, schmome

docjonsey said...

Hey my friends - I've been following your blog - loved the pics and text. Just wanted to say welcome back. Alex, it must have been an amazing interior/exterior journey. Torbin - how was the garlic? Travis - how was your first step outside the USA? I loved having you all in our home and in my head. Please come back and visit anytime. To say I look forward to seeing the footage you shot is an understatement!
Be well, Linda

Grabloid said...

Great to hear from you, Linda. (This is Travis by the way.) The trip was absolutely amazing...my first step out of the US may never be topped! I'm glad you've been keeping an eye on the blog...sometime within the next few days I'll post the last few updates. We are all exhausted and taking a break for the rest of the week. Next week we'll begin the final stretch of filming, and start editing. We had such a great time at your place, I hope we can get together again soon. If you are still coming to Utah when Chelsea moves up to start school, we all should definitely get together for some lunch and conversation! Let us know, alright?!

h2oetry said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear it went well. Can't wait for the updates. But enjoy your rest. You deserve it.