"The Sonosopher" is the tentative title of a full-length, feature documentary film that is currently in production. This film will document the life and creative works of poet, polyartist, sonosopher, scholar, teacher, mentor...Alex Caldiero. The documentary and this blog are a portion of a greater, ongoing effort to record, document, and archive Alex's life and works.

Monday, March 31, 2008

DaDa Put It Together

This is v.2 of the slideshow/audio of Alex's lecture from 01/19/08 in the DaDa Workshop taught at UVSC (Spring 2008). The lecture is on DaDa photomontage, collage, and assemblage. It is pretty intense so be forewarned.

DaDa Put It Together from Travis Low on Vimeo.

Here is the link straight to the video on the Vimeo website: http://vimeo.com/823694
Let me know what you think!


Jo said...

I don’t know who those pictures are. I like that you didn’t name them, because it made me wonder… enough to look it up…Okay, now I know that is Mallarme. When Alex says “you had to look at it as something moving”, and you sped up the pages, making the words move, that was a nice effect. In the beginning, I could almost be fooled by the portraits of Mallarme and Pollinaire that this might just be a traditional lecture. But them you added the war pictures, it hurt. I like the way you zoom and scan Marinetti’s poem to Alex’s reading of the poem. And during the reading of the next poem, the sounds of Alex’s “TUM TUM TUM” with those war images added, it was easy to see that those words could be a gun…and that letters could mean more without meaning words.

I like looking at all the images. You got a lot. I’ve never seen those Hoch pictures with the short hair. It’s cool that she is a collecter, with her own Dada museum because she preserves everything. I wonder if you can go there? Or if she's still alive.

I love Schwitters because he was an outsider to the outsiders. Well who wasn’tt?...another reason I like him is there is a story in the Richter text describing how he went to meet George Grosz. After walking up several flights of stairs and continuously knocking on Grosz’s door, Grosz finally answered. Schwitters held out his hand, “Herr Grosz?”, and Grosz said, “I’m not Grosz”, slamming the door in Schwitter’s face. Schwitters, walked down all those stairs, turned around, walked back up those stairs, knocked on the door again. Grosz angrily answered the door, to which Schwitters politely replied, “I am not Herr Schwitters.”, then quickly turned around and exited. I really liked that story and I imagine everyone might be part Schwitters and Grosz.

Whoever did that politicians collage is a genius. The ultimate collage. Wow. I can’t wait to see more...slideshows or whatever else you make.

JGrotegut said...

The real tragedy is that this lecture did not get filmed.

michael morrow said...

Travis, Torbin, Jo, elal. First I gotta tell you I posted to your IS sight three different times, but couldnt get my password right, so they went dada............

Yes, I too loved the slide show you put together Travis. You folks, the entire Aesthetics and dada classes continue to astound me with insights and creativity. It's has been a wonderful honor for me to get acquainted and know you each of one of you in the Aesthetics and dada classes.
This has truly been one of the most exciting 4 months of my life.

Torbin, Travis, and Alex, travel safely and keep the wind at your back.

I'm looking forward to getting together at Michaela's when you get home.

Thanks to all!!!!